Saturday, March 26, 2011

saturday post

this won't happen a lot. but i am just so excited to be back on blogging that i am posting on saturday.

now, granted, not much as changed since yesterday.

but! listen to this story that no one cares about! i was walking to the subway from work the other day, and there was this dude wearing sunglasses and a hood, and had a super long beard. he was kind of staring at me, probably because i was wearing my green hat which is very striking.  so i was staring back at him.

then i realized the man he was walking with was Theirry Guetta, or Mr. Brainwash. and i got the most star struck i have ever been in my whole life. and one time i saw Dennis Rodman at the mall when i was in junior high.

i thought about following them, which was weird because what would happen then? i just follow two dudes for a couple blocks and then what? we become best friends? so i got on the subway instead.

the point of all of this, is that i have convinced myself i saw Banksy.
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Anonymous Ksenia said...

Ahhh! What? That's amazing!

3:50 PM  
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