Tuesday, January 03, 2006

the internet

i find the internet repulsive. all i do is check my email and bank account statement. then sometimes i check my verizon and comcast account, only to see that comcast has once again not acknowledged that i have tried to pay them some of the money i owe. its like i don't write checks for $2.77 for my health, lord knows i have arthretis and that i spell poorly.

but what i dislike most about the internet is that fact only 16 people have looked at my profile. and theres a good chance i looked at it from three different computers, so really 13 people. i worked hard on filling that profile with insight and truth, and as many jokes as possible. so screw you internet, i won't look at you any more. and no i would not like to purchase bejewled. thanks but no thanks.
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