Monday, June 05, 2006


so i spent a good deal of this morning trying to use a digibeta in my betasp deck. let me tell you that doesn't work. and then finally i figure i have been an asshole for the past 20 minutes. you know cuz i was grunting and making all these sounds like i was so fed up with my beta deck. and i kept rerouting my switcher over and over. and then i finally get a betasp, well really a mini betasp, but that's really neither here nor there. and i am FINALLY ready to lay down my clips, but some asswipe has put the rec protection down on the tape. so that takes another ten minutes of my time. i fix the tape and start laying down some clips ONLY to find that its a logo tape, and that there is no way i can record over a logo tape. which kind of makes sense why the record inhibit was on. so finally i get a real scratch mini betasp. BUT THEN i had to poop, AND THEN it was lunch. AND THEN i had to go on myspace for a few hours AND THEN read some blogs of people i don't really know but saw on stage a few times.

try to be a bigger nerd than me. if anyone can make any sense of that they should turn off the x-files and come to dr dremos wednesday june 21st and see me make an ass of myself.
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