Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Quick Note from Josephine

Jopsehine apologizes for the brevity today.  Her sciatica is acting up again.  And she has been waiting at the doctor's office all morning.

Okay, yes okay gang so in the middle of the yuck factory known as Los Angel-less there is one glimmer of hope in a young man named Zac Efron. Okay, talented. Okay do yourselves a favor and check out a delightful little picture called 17 Again Yes, heartstrings are pulled okay and in no small thanks to this young, fit, charming, polite, hearty young piece of lad, okay right. So. Well he was obviously raised right, that much is clear. Okay. Well the rest of you jerks could really learn something from him okay! Ya numbheads. 
Oh gutter mittens I left the toaster on. Great. Okay well get outta here and goodbye then.
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