Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Josephine's Thoughts on Pop Culture

Fiddle de rats and a horde of dingbats, okay so it’s been another banner week staring our favorite jerks! Guess I’ll catch my break on the other side, okay. Great.
Whoa heavens okay so I guess the congressional committee of holly-easy passed a law that made wearing your under slacks optional!  Gesh. Yuck. Ugh, gosh okay and I say I know of our usual slutspects, (Lindsay they’re-on-loan, Paris-is-where-you-should-stay, and Britney Spear-to-the-eye) but this time, oh brother did we ever get an eye full from a so you think you can show me your tid bits while I am trying to enjoy a restful evening on the davenport for once. Well congratulations, you scored a 10 in get outta here and put some clothes on department. Geeeeeeah.
Oh and sure thing, okay. I would love to hear more about your life, Tori Spelling disaster everywhere you go. I don’t like looking at your face okay and I don’t need to hear what comes out of your yapper either, alright so just go away. Yeah, and my stomach hurts too but I don’t think a trip to the hospital is the ticket okay. Less of you would do and your husband too okay. So take your boring bucket of who cares and get.
Ahhhhh now whose uncle do I have to cry to ta stop hearing about this Roman Polansicko. Okay gross. Now we all know someone who has taken some liberties for the sake of their diddle needs so why cant everyone just shut up about it, okay. By the way, okay hey Floyd, you left your front tire in my kitchen okay, ya big jerk. Oh and I have been enjoying my broken hot water tank too, ya sack of mistakes and heartbreaks. Just get to go and shut up about it already.
Okay. Ah jez, my programs are about to start. That’s enough for one week. Get lost.
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