Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Josephine's Thoughts on Pop Culture!

Ah jeez with a coating of cheese, looks we’ll have to wait another week to catch a break from the tinsel town of idiots. Hey, okay jerks, thanks for bringing a pile bologna to the breakfast table but I’m full!
Okay, here’s to you Hollyworthless execs for pulling the plug on the only good thing to grace the tv picture box is 50 years.  Yeah, okay so The Guiding Light was the one hour a day when I didn’t have worry about loud mouths jerks talking outta turn or mouthy wanna-bees blabin about their botoxications. Oh boy, aint it something. If I might get personal for a second okay, Reva and Josh okay, good luck to ya. Okay. You’re winners in my book okay. And too C BS is right, get outta here. I’m done with ya. Get. Go. Jeeez.
 Oh glory to the sickos heres one that’s really got me riled up. That Mackenzie Phillips okay. Gross. Listen okay, so you were dealt a hand of weird. Who wasn’t okay. That doesn’t mean ya go on a world wide blab tour okay. Zip it. We’re grossed out looking at you okay. Picturing you in a hopped up haze a blaze doing the humpty wall fall with your papas is more than any breathing creature should have to endure okay. Ya put ick in sick and I think it’s time you follow that California Dream right into the pacific okay. Yuck. Get going. Zip it or flip it. Out. Go.
Eh gosh. And just when you think the yuck bucket is full, here comes a drop of Hasselhoff-his meds. Go. You’re a jerk with a textbook smirk and we’re done with you okay. You’re a drunk, okay. So do as we do keep the game on the home turf. Okay if you can’t stand don’t try to lead the band, okay. Get out. Shut it down. Get to going. Good.
Yeck. Okay yes, this is Josephine saying get going cause we don’t care. Goodbye.
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Blogger Aparna said...

I read the column every day until a new one shows up!

Your loyalest fan,


9:10 AM  
Anonymous Boyfriend said...

I now feel compelled to work "yuck bucket" into my everyday lexicon. Thank you for that Josephine.

11:05 AM  

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