Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Josephine's Thoughts on Pop Culture!

Knock, knock. Who is there? A bunch of loud mouth jerks okay. Oh brother and your mother this week was one for the book of get outta here.
Kanye-make-me-sick, what’s that on your head okay? Looks like one of them field marking that the aliens leave. Yeah. And I’d rather have a conversation with a martian than hear what you have to say okay too, so zip it. Okay if I wanted unsolicited opinions I would tell my mother where I live, okay. That’s enough talking not enough walking back to the studio to drop a hot record okay. Get in there, and outta here.  Stop yappin start rappin okay.
Forget about ragweed, that Kate Gosslin is really startin to irritate my senses.  Okay, just cause you’re one notch less objectionable than your seven-eleven discount of an ex-husband doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get lost. What the and how and where are your kids okay? Yeah and sure my mother changed boyfriends more often than she changed her delicates but she still managed to come home every night to fix us some sloppy joes and a heavy dose of condescension. Okay get outta here.  Get to it.  Go away. We’ve heard enough from you. Goodbye.
Oh gooooosh, Levi us alone, okay? Shut it.  You hate your ex-mother-in-law okay. Welcome to the club. My ex-husband is the chairman. And by the gross, just as capable of knocking up white trash teenagers okay so you aint so special. We have heard enough from you and we would like to invite you to follow the view to Russia okay and don’t look back. Okay and thank you and goodbye.
Geh that is enough rubbish for one week. This is Josephine saying, shut up, we’ve heard enough and get outta here cause I’m done. It’s over. Geeesh. 
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Blogger Aparna said...

I love Josephine!!!

12:19 PM  

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