Monday, September 14, 2009


So Mythical Newsroom went up to Boston Improv Fest this past weekend.  I totes forgot my camera.

It wouldn't really have mattered because all the pictures would have looked like rain.

And I have a page from my Sky Mall, but I forgot it, so I will post that tomorrow.

I will just give a quick update.

Our show was at 8 o'clock on Friday night.

Jennifer and I meet at the airport around 2.  Our flight is at 3:30.  Plenty o'time to get to Boston check-in, freshen up (change our tamps), and get to the show.

But nopes, our flight is delayed.  We are now getting in around 7.

Honora is taking a bus up from THE New York City.  Her bus is stuck in traffic.

Panic spreads throughout the group.  WE MAY NOT MAKE THE SHOW.

We get to Boston and we are all taking $40 cabs to the venue.  We get to Improv Boston expecting them to have been worried about us, and totally relieved we have made it.

Not the case, even a little.  No one seems to care at all.  They are nice and helpful, but it was not the hero's welcome we were hoping for.  But since Mythical Newsroom is the nicest most supportive group in the world, we just turn the praise inward.  I think we get what we were looking for.

The show is a show.  Aparna makes me break and laugh on stage.  It's par for the course.  We drink beer.

On Saturday there is an improv workshop with Joe Bill.  He's kind of a huge deal and whatever.  To say the least, I am not impressive at the workshop. To say the most, I suck, I have weak characters and initiations.  Looks like this workshop is not my big break afterall.

I walk to the hotel by myself.  I don't really know how to get there.  I find a Rite Aid and make one of the worst decisions I have ever made.  I buy dark purple nail polish as a treat.  It's cheap.

I get back to the hotel, but I do not have a room key.  Not to worry, the front desk lady seems to buy that I am Aparna Nancherla.

I take a bath.  Watch Hoarders on A&E, and put on my nail polish treat.  By the first nail, I know this is not going well.  It's globby and sticky.  But it's dark purple and I have committed to it.

By the time I am done it looks like my fingers are badly burned, or they have hypothermia.  And the nail polish isn't drying and it's leaving purple marks everywhere.  It's gross and sad.  I feel desperate to get this nail polish off, what if Joe Bill has another spontaneous workshop?  And he asks me to be there, but he sees my absolutely disgusting nails and changes his mind?

I text Mythical Newsroom.  They save my improv career by buying me nail polish remover.

It works.  I am saved.  There is no surprise Joe Bill workshop.

We go to some shows, which were wonderful.  Then we drink more beer.  And then the line of the weekend happens.

We are sitting at a bar, and Aparna turns to me... 

Aparna: I wish we could have a party in our hotel room.

Me: Really? I don't really want a bunch of people in our room.

Aparna: A party to me is when we watch movies in our pajamas.

She is right, that is a party.  We go back to the hotel.
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