Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday Feature- Ask Boyfriend


Can you ride a bike on a treadmill?

Xoxo alaina

Dear Alaina,

The answer to your query is dependent upon the intended purpose of the activity. If you are asking if it is physically possible, then certainly it is, provided you do not try it at a high speed with a fixed-gear bicycle, as that could easily result in dismemberment, if not death. If however, you are asking with the intent to utilize the activity as a means of physical exertion for the purpose of health improvement, then no, it's not particularly practical or viable. You see, with a normal bicycle (one capable of coasting), a person need not pedal at all, the wheels will simply spin with the traction generated by the moving tread, and the act of pedaling at higher speeds or at an incline would most likely result in a loss of control, with painful, possibly hilarious consequences. If one were DIY-inclined (...an accomplished welder) and financially incapable of exchanging currency for this apparatus (but you already own a treadmill...?), there is the option of rigging up something like this.

As an aside, you will note that I used "possibly" when describing the potential comedic outcome of riding a bike on a treadmill. I hedged my bets thusly because while I can't deny that the act is a rich loam, undoubtedly capable of yielding amusing crops, there was a marked dearth of humor in the youtube offerings on the subject. Here is an example. In order to make up for said defect, here is an America's Funniest Videos compilation for your gloomy Tuesday amusement.

Thank you,
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