Monday, September 07, 2009

The Farm

A couple weeks ago I visited my grandparents, and I went to THE Farm.  A combination farm petting zoo, its a magical fucking place.  Seriously, I have been going there since I thought I could grow up and be a puppy.  Not to be all braggstown, but my family has a VIP pass, so whatever, but we are important, and thusly don't have to pay.
You buy little bottles and bags of corn, and then you get to feed the animals.  This baby goat was not the cutest by far, but he had tenacity, and I respect that.

These goats had a whole act like they had never been fed before.  Boyfriend totes fell for it.

Norman, the baby bull, was a sweetie pie cutesy.

But here is the piece de resistance (said in a Texas accent):

And he had a very special technique where he would just open his mouth, and you would chuck in the corn.

Lastly here is a picture Boyfriend took of a peacock, because relationships are all about compromise. And if I didn't post it he would be all "Why didn't you post a peacock picture?  I am leaving you."

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Blogger The Eaglewoman said...

the farm!! you went to the farm! luckies. you know, i still have not been there. but someday...

2:50 PM  
Blogger Aparna said...

these pics are to me what hay is to horses! nom nom nom

5:39 PM  

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