Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday Feature- Ask Boyfriend


...why doesn't boyfriend just take over this blog? I love this.

Dear Chris,

Your adulation is much appreciated, if somewhat misplaced. Without Ms. Hamberry at the helm of this web log, 'Ask Boyfriend' would lose all context and indeed the very appellation that gives it meaning. 'Twould no longer be 'Ask Boyfriend,' and instead simply lie dormant amongst the thronging multitudes of bloggers who believe the populous of this blue planet should keenly tune their collective ears to and train their beady eyes upon the steamy, unpalatable piles of detritus that are the voiding of those bloggers' thought-bowels.

I for one, would not care to tread that road, obstructed as it is. Rather, I would have my path freed of noxious lumps by my contribution to this most wonderful of blogs. A coat if you will, laid down to aid a lady (or boyfriend) in crossing the pestilential leakage, with a hand to guide these uneven steps.

Thank you,
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