Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday Feature- Josephine's Thoughts on Pop Culture

Ah gez, oh brother, oh boy. Okay, we got another top notch round of celebri-tardations this week. Nice work, Hollyweird!

Oh god, great, good goodness, okay Lindsay. Whattar you doing? Your face looks like it's been sat on for 3 days. You're young kid, lay off the botard-oxins. You're reminding me of the gutter slut my ex-husband has been foinking for 25 years. Okay enough. And okay, I'm thinkin', well don't look at her face but then I have to look at them shanties that are failing at covering her nasties. Get outta here with that barely there outter wear, okay. Please, and next and thank you goodbye.
Alright so okay that brings me to another one who is on the fast track to 2-dollar porn at the cini-wreck-your-life. Ah, geez, okay Miley whattar you doing? Sorry kid, but you're a dumb dumb okay? And when you make noise it makes me wanna stick my head in the garbage disposal. Okay and incidentally, this just in okay that is where your life is headed with that outfit okay. Enough, done, outta here and goodbye.
Oh geez nubits and a big dose of who cares goes to that Megan Fox-afterhours-is-where-my-career-belongs. Gross. Okay, I feel like I'm contracting syphilis through TV, okay, and I dont need it. Right, cause then my good for nothin ex-husband might come a knockin' back as he seems to be drawn to dirty pieces of garbage. Can't pay the rent with garbage, Floyd, okay so try again ya pile of junk that should be at the bottom of the Pacific. Get outta here, go, enough, I can't take anymore of this and goodbye.
Okay well I could go on for hours but who has the time and I can't take anymore of this none for sense anyway so I guess I'll just have to catch ya the next train to enough, get outta here.
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