Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ask Boyfriend #2

Dear Boyfriend,
Will anyone develop a site that allows for inter-dating site searches such as fitness singles, jdate and onlinebootycall.com? I know personally, it would save me hundreds of hours of cross-referencing.

Dear Anonymous,

While I'm tempted to delve into the murky waters of data harvesting, your question seems to be more an overt display of your sexual proclivities rather than an attempt at honest elucidation. So dear readers, now you know, Anonymous is seeking a profligate, bodybuilding Israelite, and he/she is nothing if not a patient researcher.

Anonymous, if you do surmount this not insignificant challenge, make sure to give a hearty mazel tov on those toned gluts, rippling lats, and well-worn genitals, beacuse my friend, sexual partners of that bizarre composite are not often forged in the crucible of secular, prude, obese modern life.

Thank you,
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