Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ask Boyfriend #1

You should have just received an invite to join the WIT Fantasy Football League.  If you're interested, sign up by tomorrow afternoon and repond to this email to let me know you're in. 
I want to finalize our league by tomorrow night so we don't have to miss the first week of play!
4 of us have signed up already - there's room for 8 more.  Get on it!
Dear Mike,

Yes, I will join your fantasy football league. Although, given the time delay on responses here at Ask Boyfriend, as of writing this I have already done so, making this communication somewhat redundant. Furthermore, although we were unable to orchestrate the draft before the week one deadline, my merciless slaughter over you in the first match up, though null and void, was ever so sweet. I look forward to week ten, when I shall again feast upon the savory morsels of that shambling corpse buffet that you call a team.

Thank you,
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