Thursday, September 17, 2009

Very Sincerely

Audtions.  There are Washington Improv Theater audtions coming up.

How do you spell auditions?  Like that, with an extra "i."

But seriously, if you want to, and are available to, you should audition.

And I know that auditions suck.  Hard.  It's like asking someone out to prom with just your ability to make them laugh, or something.  And then you have to sit and wait and then you just have to do another round of asking to prom.  With even more pressure.

But life is about taking risks, and improv especially is about taking risks.  And it's all for the love of the game, and reaching for stars and landing on the sun. So dance to your own wind because everything we do causes weather. Butterfly.

YES AND though sur-iously, audition, and take a chance.  And just make sure to mention that you saw this blog post at auditions and you will get a $5 coupon to gilmoregurlz merch store (TBA).
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