Friday, February 26, 2010

And the battle continues....

The battle for funniest in the family continues as Little Brother drops the latest gaunlet with this piece:

NEW YORK- Cynics of the world rejoice over the news that Verizon Wireless will be adding an italics button for text messaging.  On Tuesday, Verizon CEO Ivan G. Seidenberg released the news saying “The new option comes after I  received several texts messages that were unclear, if they were sarcastic or not.”  He later used the word “outraged” describing how he felt after his son told him he was being sarcastic and he wasn’t the “coolest dad ever” after telling his son he couldn’t go on spring break with his friends.  The new ability will be located next to the space bar.  It will allow senders to clear up discrepancies that frequently arise after receiving ambiguous texts.  The phrases “Sure u did” and “Sure u did” have pretty different meanings.  This is one step in the right direction for texting.  People able to convey further emotion and tone while still being as impersonal as possible.  Who knows what will be next? Let me tell you bold.


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