Thursday, January 05, 2006

some stuff i've been thinking

do you ever think about wiping your butt with something that your not supposed to and then leaving it somewhere someone could touch it?

me neither!!!?!? i was just thinking about what kind of person would think that.

but its kind of gross, and funny, and tempting, right? well i guess more heavy on the gross and tempting than on the funny, although they are pretty equal portions. i wish i could use more vendiagrams in everyday life, and i know what you are thinking, "don't you mean pie charts?" no i don't. i mean vendiagrams with the circles and where things fall amist those circles, what a great way to communicate.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually think about making a coat with my own pubic hair then selling it to patrons none the wiser. and sitting in a street cafe across the street while they and all their friends pet the coat and say 'how warm!', 'how soft!'

4:42 PM  

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