Friday, June 09, 2006

ooh lunch

i look back at that last post with fondness. that hummus was really good. and they haven't had it since. although they did bring back the baby carrots to the salad bar. which is pretty cool. i think about lunch a lot now that i started working. i feel a little fat about it. but its really one of the only things i have to look forward to.... i usually get the salad bar and then some soup. but they have had weird soup lately, like strawberry. and i just don't know if i am ready for that.

i think i am kind of bad at my job. "why?" you ask. well first off i am at work right now and i am posting a blog about lunch. and also i just cut corners. and i work for a pretty major place. like a place where people go to for information that is dependable. (its not google, i wish, right?) but its not dependable its me, cutting corners.

its 11:44. i dont usually get lunch until 1:30. yo, im totally on myspace. which is another reason i am bad at work. here friend me, but you have to tell me that you read my blog because unless i have met you in person i won't be your friends, surry.

and then i have this other one the stacies will be friends with anyone.
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Anonymous Andrew said...

You have an extensive online presence now...I'm trying to catch up.

4:58 PM  

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