Monday, May 12, 2008

Zipped Car

Yesterday I drove a zipped car. Well, I am using the term "drive" loosely. I had the parking break on for a good amount of time. And also, the car had fake manual, or triptronic, but I didn't know that, so I never left 1st gear. It was pretty fantastic.

It's weird, when you figure out the parking break is on because you feel like a genius. Like "Look what I figured out! The parking break is up! Good thing I figured that out!" But in reality, its too late. You have already been driving around with it on. I actually figured it out because the car was getting hot, and the heat wasn't on. Genius, I know.

Also, I went to IKEA, got a migraine headache and threw-up at Boyfriend's parent's house. Pretty awesome weekend all total.
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Blogger Daniel said...

I understand. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm all hardcore because I've lived in cities for the last 5 years. And then I realize I can't drive and I feel like I'm 12 again...

2:15 AM  

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