Thursday, October 08, 2009


Aten-hut Bravehearted Soldiers on a Fantastic Voyeuge!

So I must address the stickler-in-the-mud who hip checked me last week (i.e., checked up on whether I am hip) as to my broad usage (and I don't just mean female) of what does and does not constitute a pun.

Our founding fathers, stepdads, sugar pops, and papi chulos did not put all their paychecks and child support into this nation in order to see the English language massacred, in the process removing the mass 'o cred it's built up o'er the years and throughout the high school yearbooks (KIT! Have a great summer! Stay sweet!).

ThereFORE! (*wild swing in attempt to regain focus*) I fully sadmit that I have been operating under a Amazon-wide definition of wordplay, wherein all paronomasia derivatives, second cousins, and ex-godbrothers (now atheists) can apply for permanent good citizenship under the pseudonicknym of "pun."

If you would claim that this citizenship (the Lady Liberty) is sinking your good graces, then let's heave ho, and anchors away, me boys! No need to Ti-panic. Let's all hold hands and hope we make it back to the Kumbayou in time to join Gumbo and friends.

That being wheel-spoken, here is a textbook crumb for the birds:

The sparrows and crows use pigeon language to communicate, which mostly involves one of two responses: "coo" or "uncoo."

And a flying saucer of milk for the traditionalist kittens:

The alley cats prefer their fur rumpy and arched to prepare for street fights while the deli cats prefer their fur soft and smooth to prepare for petting.

Time to put away the hobby horse and return to less animalcontent trivial pursuits! TTY haterz!

Parnold SchwarzeNAGGER

[REMINDER: Leave your words for next week in the comments!]
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Bobby (as in British police)


Motor Speedway

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jello and nugget

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