Friday, February 26, 2010

Karen Hammberry and Boyfriend Acquire Rockband, Neighbors Immediately Form Coalition

WASHINGTON, DC- "As soon as I saw the Rock Band boxes being brought into their apartment, I started going door to door getting a petition signed," said one neighbor to Karen Hammberry and Boyfriend, who has asked to remain nameless.  "I thought the guy who was going door to door was annoying, but then once they started playing I understood," said a neighbor from Apt 427.  He added "At first I couldn't figure out what was happening, I thought someone was doing construction or drilling, like inside my ear drums."

"I LOVE IT," Karen Hammberry is quoted as saying. Although, when we tried to interview her we only received a couple of mumurs, as she was entrenched in trying to score a 60% or better playing the drums. "It's not my strong suit."

"Oh you want to know what she thinks her strong suit is? Eye of the fucking Tiger," said the Anonymous petition starter. "She 'sings' that song at the top of her lungs, one horrible off tune screech after another." Hammberry has been heard to say "I rule at that song, I like become a tiger." But again, when reached for comment she couldn't tear her eyes off of Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran. She ended up failing out of the song.

Boyfriend's only comment, "At least those neighbors don't have to drive in a car with her while she sings. Think about being in an enclosed space with that voice." When asked if he likes the game, "Yeah, it's a great new piece of video gaming brought to a new level with graphics and the interaction..." (FULL DISCLOSURE: Our reporter fell asleep a little while Boyfriend was talking about video games, but we are sure it was super interesting.)

The neighbors hope to reach a resolution shortly, limiting the number of hours Hammberry can play the game, and some sort of volume control.
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