Thursday, March 04, 2010

Define Over Committed.

I am performing five times this weekend.

Tonight @ 9:30 pm for Washington Improv Theater's FIST (fighting improv smackdown tournament).  It is my group "The Coven" first round.

And if you remember, I WON the tournament last year, which leads to the next performance on Friday at 8 pm.  Where last year's champions "Not Mad. Disappointed." takes a final victory lap.

And for an encore on Friday @ 10:00 pm night I perform at GW receS's Slate Festival.  My alma mater of course.  I have no clue if there is a link.

Saturday night, I perform twice with WIT ensemble groups, one with onesixityone at 8:00 pm and then a show with Caveat @ 9:30 pm. Links embedded and what not.

Have I mentioned that I am the WORST GIRLFRIEND EVER?

Also, this picture....
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Blogger Erin said...

this is awesome! i only wish we were closer so we could see you in action. good luck :)

7:50 AM  

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