Friday, April 22, 2011

hello the loves

hello the loves,
please note. i did not have time to eat lunch. but i am currently enjoying a luke warm Yuengling at my work desk. so if you have any question as to my state of mind, it's low blood sugar/drunk.

but what's important, is that you know, that i know, that this isn't as good as it gets. it gets gooder. it gets better. we have more life than these 20 minutes before work is over on a friday. we have weekend. we are the weekend.

we, as people, are weekends. we are hope, we are aspirations, we are home projects that we will never actually be accomplished, we are 10 am yoga classes that we won't go to, we are sleeping in late, we are late smoky nights, we are laughs that are louder than they should be, we are sunday nights in pajamas, we are "making some time to read" but instead watching tv marathons, we are drunk brunches, we are not work days.

so take these 20 minutes and stick it up someone else's ass.

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