Friday, January 13, 2006

sorry sorry

oh guys, i am soo super sorry that i haven't blogged. i had to take my pet lizard to the vet. he had to stay over night for three days, and i was forced to stay with him. there aren't exactly private rooms for the animals, and they don't exactly allow over night guests. and the waiting room is only open during business hours so i had to go to my grandma's to borrow her car so i could sleep in it in the vet parking lot. and she let me use the car but i had to trade her something. so i removed the expiration date from some home-made coupons i gave her when i was little. and she immediately cashed in on the two hugs and kiss on the check. and then she cashed in the full body massage, which i don't remember making. eithier way my, Ardy, my lizard died.
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