Thursday, June 15, 2006

this says something

so for the past few days at work i have had nothing to do. absolutely nothing. and i really only blogged a little. but now that i have a project to do, i am super ready to blog. i could just blog my little heart out. i was reading some past posts and there was one about tomato soup. i don't remember eating that tomato soup. but it sounds like at the time i realyl enjoyed it. i would love to remember that. isn't it strange that i can't remember something that happened such a short time ago. what if there are other things that i can't remeber? like what if i cured cancer, and i just don't remember? what if i buried some treasure and didn't make a map because i thought i would always remember? god there are so many things i could have done and i wont remember..... geez. i think then i will just start making things up about my life. did you guys know that i flew a helicopter last week? you dont remember me doing that? me neither, but i also didnt remember that soup either so that doesnt prove much.
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