Monday, November 13, 2006

Under the desk

I keep accidently pressing the eject button with my foot under the desk, and then the disk tray pops out and brushes against my leg and I freak out a little. I've done it a few times. And I keep freaking out. Plus there are peanut m&ms in the office. And I keep wanting to eat them. But I shouldn't.

I don't do much other than work. On Friday I drew on a guy that was passed out. I think he was really mad. I sent him a sorry text message. But I don't know if he has forgiven me. I feel really bad. But at the time it was BEYOND hysterical. But I am sorry. If he reads this, I am sorry. Really sorry. Please don't be mad. You can draw on me.

Sacha slammed cake in my face on my birthday. And it got it my eye. (Did I already blog about this?) But I couldn't get mad because then I would look like a party pooper. But my eye was bright red and it stung really badly. And when I washed all the cake all my make-up came off too. I looked stupid. And it was awkward. So, see? Bad things have happened to me to. So please don't be mad.
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