Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why oh why?

Why can't I poo like a normal person? Hmm? Why can't I feel like, "Oh I have to use the bathroom. Let me just finish the sentence I am writing... And walk to the bathroom in a calm manner." Why do I have to sprint down the hallways at work to get to the bathroom? Why?

I am thinking about taking FiberSure. Its tasteless and you can put in anything, including cookies. I saw it in the commerical.

I tried to make brownies last night. No go. I tried to make this S'more brownies recipe I found on the internet. They are like bricks. So not only are my brownies not shaped like pumpkins, but they are bricks of chocolate, marshmellow, graham crackers, and burnt. I am glad that I destroyed my kitchen last night following the recipe to a T I have nothing to show for it other than an ant heaven. Super.

I just brought candy. I wonder if I will get trick or treaters tonight. Probably not. But I would LOVE some. LOVE IT. I don't really like children.
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