Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Football Analysis

So yesterday there was a football game on television, which I believe is commonly referred to as Monday Night Football. Great. On ESPN the announcers were discussing that the Giants have never beaten the Cowboys at Cowboy stadium on Monday. This is a ridiculous statistic. I understand sports are full of ridiculous stats, baseball probably being the worst offender, but baseball games can also get pretty boring when viewed on television. And I realize that ESPN wants to hype every game, especially since they have recently acquired Monday Night Football. But earnestly, I think guys will watch the game regardless of whether or not the Giants have ever beaten the Cowboys in Texas on a Monday. All ESPN needs to say is, "Football is on, and there is only one game tonight. It starts at 9." And people who like football would still watch it. Football alone is exciting enough for football fans. Consequently the Giants did win, and ESPN will not have to come up with a new stat for the next time this meeting occurs. But hopefully then I will still get to watch what I want during the commercials, and halftime. And during the second quarter and the last part of the first. And if the game goes too long and the thing I want to watch starts on the hour. And when I deem the game boring. Oh and when you get up to get food or go to the bathroom and leave the controller behind. BOO YAY.

ps a friend wrote me an email recently and tried to write "boo yay" but she wrote "boo yow." weird, right?
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