Tuesday, October 10, 2006

watch as i grow old before your very eyes

So i was on youtube.com today watching different clips of "center stage" a ballet based movie. because i am a girl and i dont always like to do my work. get over it. you don't have to like the movie this post isnt even about the movie. so stop. i'm a girl i can like girlie things.

and i read this comment "i luv this muvi! i ust 2 hav it, but we lost it sumhow. :( " this is ridiculous. MUVI?!?!?!?! thats how we are going to spell movie now? M-U-V-I?!?!?!?! really? "used" is now "ust"? this is INSANE. clearly i am not all for grammatical correctness as i rarely use capical letters. but i do not use numerical symbols in my writing when i am not refering to numbers. i am just agast. honestly. we are so dumb. i feel sad in my heart for this new turn of writing. we are so lazy that the o-e combination is too much of a hassle. and we just use "u" for everything, and when we can't use a "u" we just leave the "e" off? "hav"???? and if you can't convey in your writing that you are upset then you just stick a little unhappy face at the end? WRITE REAL WORDS WITH MEANING BEHIND THEM AND WE DON'T NEED YOUR COLON-START PARANTHESIS AT THE END OF THE SENTENCE. i garuntee this person doesn't even know what a colon is. to them its just eyes.

this isn't me. i don't care about this. its just said. im not usually a ranter. i am more of a liar. but come on. COME ON! that's it. that's all. i don't think i can say much more. theres so much to say and no point in saying. text me lata. ttyl.
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