Friday, September 15, 2006

website hit counter

so i just put a website hit counter on this page. and it was super easy. i just googled it, clicked on the first website gave my email for the service to spam constantly and got the html code. it was really really easy. i don't know the name of the thing that gave it to me, but i have gotten one hit so far, ME. everyone knows that your profile views are just linked to your comments. duh. (everyone knows cuz i figured it out). i am going to recess's first show of the year tonight. i am pretty excited. if you look on the alumni page you'll find me.

what should i tell you about today? people at work today got excited for some reason. i think someone said something about it being friday. abd everyone just got pumped up and started talking really loudly. i put my headphones on. the only problem is that i broke my old headphones and i got new ones, but they are super tight. and they hurt my ears by the end of the day. its kinda like getting a new toothbrush. i am listening to that "roller skate song" that everyone thinks janis joplin sang, but that's just a internet error. i have it as janis joplin in my itunes though.

i wish i could be a preofessional juror. i've never been a juror. but i have a feeling i would really like it. everyone always tries to get out of jury duty. i don't understand why. you dont have to go to work. you can just sit around. and theres a chance you could get put on an interesting case. all that sounds cool. i think people just try to get out of it because its the socially acceptable thing to do, like talking about how hard it is to get out of bed when its raining. i usually dont know its raining until i am out of bed. i watch a lot of law and order, NOT CSI, and i think i am a lawyer sometimes because of it. maybe not a lawyer, but i think i am have a good handle on the law. chances are i absolutely do not have any handle on the law. but i like to think that i do. it makes me feel smart. i also impress people with my ability to call out whos the murderer at the beginning of the episode. this is no skill, i have seen just about every criminal intent, and special victim's unit law and order. they can't make them fast enough.

my dad kills the chipmunks in his yard by filling an industrial bucket half way with water and then floating sunflower seeds on the top. and then puts a stick up against the bucket. the chipmunks run up the stick and fall in the water and can't get out so they drown. did i already blog about this? anways he came home one day and he had killed 10 chipmunks. i can't believe that. but my favorite part is that my dad can't remember if he read about the plan somehwere or if he dreamed it up.
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