Friday, September 08, 2006

topaz show

emmy and i had our first set at topaz. i would say that it was one of our weaker sets. but people seemed to like it. but i dont think people expect much when they see us. we are doing topaz again next week. curt shackleford who puts on the show says there is going to be a talent scout. i don't really know what that means. but i get a free drink coupon. you know what's fun? daydreaming.

i daydream constantly. and sometimes i am having a really good daydream, you know about boys or finding just the right shade of nail polish, and then reality breaks in, and then i can't remember what i was daydreaming about. one time when i was younger i was daydreaming and my mom caught me and asked me what i was smiling about. i think i got kinda embarassed.

i also talk to myself in the mirror. like i am being interviewed. and i will talk about what i did that day. and then when the audience would laugh at my anecdote i smile and wave my hand as to say "no big thing happens all the time, my life is just that interesting."

what this tells me is that, in fact, my real life could use a little spice.
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