Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i must blog

i haven't been very bloggy lately, but dont worry. for the two of you who read this (i'm counting myself in that two) i am going to force myself to blog. why? no, its not because i care about you, other person, but because work is boring. here are some facts about work for you:

1. some bitch clogs the exact same toliet in the bathroom every day. you would think she would figure out that that toliet clogs and then stop using it, but no. i guess the third one in is her favorite.

2. i eat the same lunch everyday.

3. i cannot take the stairs upstairs, only down because the doors are locked. so, mean person in the elevator, when i only take it up one flight its because that's the only way to get around. seriously this women the other day made some snide remark to me. i told her what was up, and i had to be short because i only had a few seconds to let her know what a terrible person she was. heres how it went her: "blah blah second floor use elevators, who would do that? blah blah" me: "cunt."

4. i don't do much work at work.

5. yesterday i saw video of a catfish eat a bat. it was pretty messed up.

6. i want to leave early today.

7. i am up for a new position back upstairs in tv and its been about a week since i interviewed. i should hear soon.

8. if i get this new job i will still eat the same lunch as i eat right now.

9. there's no dress code so i look pretty horrible every single day. seriously everyday. the shirt i am wearing right now hasnt been washed in a while and i can smell the armpits.

10. my desk is in the hallway so everyone walks by it and can see my computer screen so #4 is pretty evident to everyone.

brava. you are such wonderful people, seriously. there is a light in you that is special and unique to you. don't every compromise who you are for anything. you will do amazing things with your life if you follow your heart. keep on the straight and narrow. live everyday to its fullest. throw back all the starfishes on the beach because it matters to that one. follow your own drummer. sing like no one is listening and remember don't let a frog kiss you and fool you into thinking he's a prince. if you shoot for the moon you will probably kill yourself because shooting straight into the air is dumb. i love you so much.
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