Friday, June 23, 2006


so i have crashed from my caffine high. first i took a crap like i never imagined. i didnt know i had that much poo stored in me. and now i have a massive headache. ooh ice coffee you were so good and tasty. i drank you up so quickly and fast because you tasted like sweet liquid candy. and you made me feel so great, like i could finish a whole days work in only twenty minutes. and then i got the shakes, which i tried to ignore as my straw searched around the bottom of the cup trying to slurp up the last few drops. and then came by double bathroom trip. which was not so phenomenal, and then came the real fall. my head hurts, i am jittery, unfocused. its friday and i am looking for footage of chimps doing a rain dance. and now i am grinding from my jaw. great.
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