Thursday, June 22, 2006

i changed my template

i was in a joke show last night. and from all accounts the stacies ( killed. i dont really remember because i was on stage telling mad jokes. it felt awesome to be on stage again, even if it was just some dive bar open mic. emmy and i do this thing where we think we are fraternal twins, and then explain how we met and also our dna testing journey. its really weird and off beat. and i was surprised that we got any response. we were kind of expecting silence. i think tireSwing, the receSs off shoot is doing a show in july. thatll be awesome. jokes galore. i am watching a shark show right now. sharks are pretty awesome. so are old men in wet suits. there are a lot of men in wet suits here. its great. they are making me nervous, they are standing right on the edge of the boat. they should really move back. have you ever seen the show deadliest catch on disccovery. its fucked up.
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