Tuesday, June 20, 2006

never have i ever wanted to know so much about my friends

jesse chris and emmy slept over on saturday. we went camping in my living room. the directions to the tent were so stupid. step 1 set up tent. step 2 sing kumbayah. step 3 make s'mores. step 4 scare the shit out of your friends with this story. and then the manual goes on for fifteen pages with an intensely detailed story along with the words to kumbayah in eight different languages. but no actual instruction on how to put up the tent. so emmy and i scratched the new finish off my floor. and then we played an extraordinary game of never have i ever. you know, its not so cool to hear about all the sexual stuff your friends do when you are old enough to do stuff that is freaky-deaky. when it was just french kissing and boob touching it was ok to hear about, but when it starts involving anal beads i dont really want to know. and then to have to sleep in the tent next to them...

jesse told us that we should put the rainfly on because the dew alone would soak the tent. and then also the genius idea of hanging a miller lite can on the little loop where a flashing light would go in the top of the tent. we thought that was really funny. it seems dumb now, but at the time we thought the miller "light" was just amazing. and the best part was that the can still had beer in it, so if you knocked it you would spill beer all over yourself. great, right?
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Blogger Geth said...

you alleviate my boredom, i'll alleviate yours. deal?

4:54 PM  
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