Tuesday, July 18, 2006

sorry maslow media

This is an email I had to write today:

I found the old check that I lost a while ago after settling into my new home. And upon finding it I tore it up. However, when going to deposit my most recent check I found the lost one, which means I tore up my new check. In real life I am not an idiot, only when dealing with Maslow checks. So, I tore up my most recent check, if I could have it re-issued again that would be great. And I promise that I won't need any more checks re-issued.


I wonder if I make other people's lives more interesting. Or I am just a huge asshole placed on this earth to test people's patience. Actually there's a chance I was created my orthodontists because the amount of people who grind their jaw when having to deal with me is outrageously good for the teeth fixing business.

Some girl was crying at work today, and I asked her what was wrong and she of course said "nothing". And then I said "oh well it looks like you were just crying, you may want to fix that before people keep asking you what's wrong, it's really inconsiderate to the rest of us." she started crying again. fuck her.
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