Tuesday, July 11, 2006

would you rather....

my cousin's little daughter, Lexi, plays a game of "would you rather" that is unparralled. she can come up with the most bizarre situations. like my options were to be seen in my bathing suit at the lake by 10,000 people OR not have hair just at the top of my head, but still have hair on the sides, like a friar tuck hair style, but for girls. incredible right? other options she gave throughout the weekend included putting salamanders up your nose, swimming in a pool of insects, kissing Jasmine from Aladdin, OR MY PERSONAL FAVORITE, having sour cream as hair. wow. comon. that is amazing. she is like 6 or something. how does a 6 year old come up with stuff like that? sour cream as hair?!?!?! that is sooooo ridiculous. i love it. just love it.

my cousin on the other side got a tattoo. and my gradma freaked out. love it. "i used to think he was so smart. so smart. but now he is just stupid."

i told my other grandma whos crazy grandma with alzheimers that her dinner was poisoned. she thought it was really funny. i did too. so i did it over and over throughout dinner. it never lost its magic. i can either be upset with her being so crazy, or i can have fun. she certainly has a good time. and then has a completely different good time seconds later.
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