Monday, July 31, 2006

yeah, that was good

i really think my latest blog entry was pretty fantastic. i mean i didn't even feel like blogging. and out it came through my dexterious little fingers, one fairly awesome blog. i tried to read it outloud to a friend of mine, but he wasn't really having it. which is whatevs. i know that blog was good, i mean it felt good writing it. awesome.

my new favorite sayings

"slammin' " and "kickin' " they both pretty much just mean awesome. but they are fun to say. i went to a party on saturday and said slammin' about 80 million times. but hey it was slammin' party, what did they want me to do?

so one could say my last blog entry was slammin' and they would be right.
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Anonymous Fakey McFakerson said...

that was a kickin' blog!! (see how i am using your terms?!!?) you are slammin!

4:35 PM  

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