Thursday, September 14, 2006

boys, do not read this.

i am serious, don't read it. and i know now you are more tempted than ever, but for serious. stop.

so i got my period today at work. (i told you to stop.) and i had a tampon with me!!! yay! (if you are a boy and stupidly still reading this you wouldn't understand the joy) i didnt have to ask anyone around the office, i didn't have to find change for the machine, i don't have to bleed all over my pants, and be worried that maybe i stained the chair. i can comfortably walk around assured that my leakage is taken care off. i feel grown up.

i also put my social security card in my passport, and then put them in my desk drawer in a secure place. isn't that insanely responsible?

AND i have been watching janet jackson videos on youtube all day at work.

here ill show you:

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