Monday, September 11, 2006

dear rich,
i am so that i haven't been a good blogger lately. i have been doing some blog research by reading other people's blogs, thus negelecting my own. but after the first phase of my research i have come to realize that i, infact, enjoy talking about myself than reading other about others. so i will promise to be a more consistent and reliable blogger.

also. i am sick. and just right now at work everyone stood around me. but not too close to tell me how shitty i look and i how i should go home. but we are really busy.

i haven't done laundry in so long.

i am broke.

and i just pulled a huge booger out of my nose.

but if you think your life is crappy you should watch "intervention" on a&e. i cried my eyes out yesterday. and then watched another episode ondemand in some weird demonic decision. that show is heartbreaking. but you know, hey, i am not addicted to herion, and i don't have a little kid support. all i have is laundry and big boogers. i think i am going to be alright.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you.

and sorry about your booger.

10:49 PM  

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