Monday, October 02, 2006

wedding madness

I went to my cousin's wedding this weekend. And it was phenomenal. My father and I proved to each other that neither of us can handle our liquor. And then there was a dance circle. And then I caught the bouquet. Did I mention it was open bar? My mom is going to send some pictures. You will be surprised one could be so drunk with their eyes still open. But besides all the drinking I loved seeing all my family. And I think my cousin is going to be extremely happy. She married a wonderful man. And I am sorry that I ruined her reception. If I ever have a wedding she can ruin mine, how about that? Just kidding, I will probably ruin my own.

Drinking is bizarre. Its weird how cool people think they are when they do it. Like senior year of high school, that kid who can barely read but can drink a lot suddenly becomes extremely popular and every girl wants to go to prom with him, because "he seems like he would be a fun date". Or in college when everyone just binge drinks until they have approval of their peers. why do we honor those that drink? and everyone tries to tell you drunk stories, and its like dude, we all have those. we all do. well not that LAME people who don't drink, am i right? virtual high five. look how bonded we all are now that we can share stories of putting poison in our bodies and doing stupid stuff we wouldnt do normally.

TRUST ME, these will be the best drunk pictures you have EVER seen. waaaay different than all the other drunk wedding pictures that exist. virtual high five.
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