Monday, October 23, 2006


Is soon. And I think that I would really like to committ this Halloween to scaring children. Here is why, I think:
1. I don't practicularly like children. This isn't some joke where I say shit about them being selfish or blah blah. I just don't really like children. I like individual children I think they are interesting and say weird things. I would like to see how they will react to being incredibly scared.
2. I don't like being scared. And I get scared by just about anything. I have never seen all of Scream because I think it is too scary. I tried to watch it the other night, and I could not, I got too scared. Not only do I get scared easily I over react. I cry and fall apart. Infact, I was that little girl that broke down in the firefighters' haunted house. They had to turn the lights on and take their masks off and carry me out. I would like to see what it is like to see someone else react like that.
3. I hate slutty Halloween.
4. I have access to a large dog that barks a lot. I don't know how to pass up that opportunity.
5. My friends and I who normally all dress together as a group could not decide on anything and are probably not even going to see each other this Halloween. I am heartbroken, and will cover up any sentimentality with evil.

You seem great.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you can be John Mark Karr for Halloween. That would scare children.

12:23 PM  

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