Friday, October 13, 2006

at work this friday

- i got a new badge cover. the security guy was really nice and i felt special. i am going for the around the neck badge look over the clip on your pocket badge look. i don't really know how i feel about it. its actually not very conveinient because most of the little things i have to touch my badge to to get throuh doors are waist high.

- there's a woman who i work with that is fasting for ramadan. i am super impressed.

- there's a girl who is NEVER at work. and i use her phone to make personal calls and to prank people in my office. and she is here today and it totally threw me off. because on my way over there i was thinking of some good prank calls to make. plus she's not very nice so me walking right into her office wasnt a great idea.

- some prank calls i like to make are pretending that someones personal emails are printing out on the office wide printer. or pretending to be IS and telling people they need to come down to the basement. things like that. OH one of my favorites is telling poeple there is free food somewhere, and theres not. one time i kind of caught myself in that. because i made the call and then went back to my hall desk and someone told me there was free food. and i got to go get it with them. no food.

that's it.
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Anonymous AndyCast Andy said...

Hi Karin,

Your blog was featured on the Technorati Buzz newsletter...I would expect some extra traffic...

As someone that works in DC too, I know how special it is to get a new badge...

It is truly a time to celebrate!


9:36 AM  

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