Thursday, October 12, 2006


think about it. its a super great comparison. i just wish i had some sort of C3PO voice machine where i could get him to say "make it work". or get tim gunn to say "master luke master luke". does this make heidi klum luke? yes i suppose so. which clearly makes michael kors hans solo, and of course nina garcia would be chewbacca. im just kiddig, she could be princess leah, and we would save chewbacca for santino.
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Anonymous stevethomas said...

Sorry for the late comment on this post, just saw it now. My wife and I were watching project runway last night and she remarked that Gunn was just like C3P0. And I had to agree. Then I did a search to see if anyone has ever done a Gunn characature as Threepio. Haven't found it yet, but this comes close.

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