Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I have to pee

I have had to for hours.
And I am just not.
For no reason what-so-ever.
I am not doing work.
I got up to go to lunch,
where I pass the bathrooms.
But no. I did not go.


its all true. although i think i am breaking down. and after i finish this i will go pee. maybe....

a good way to get out of work is to tell everyone you think you have something contagious like mono, or strepp throat, or bird flu. they will let you go home, and not let you come back for a while. although i will tell yout his right now, the food network shows they play during the day are the same episodes they play later in the evening. so you aren't missing much.
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Blogger Norman Henry Pentelovitch said...

how deeply insightful. How painfully moving. How...crap...be back in a minute....

3:25 PM  

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