Friday, October 27, 2006


I am drunky at work. My friend had a slammin' dinner party that turned into a game of 500 which turned into going to the bar. And now I am drunky at work. This is actually my first time. Which is slightly impressive. I am doing things at a nice slow rate. It took me twice as long to get my coffee. When my boss called on me in the daily meeting I just stared straight ahead. And made a low "uuuuhh" sound. I can't tell if I smell like cigarettes or not. I think I do, but who can tell at this point. One of my coworkers just told me that I looked hung over yesterday, I don't know what she thinks she looking at today. But I'll tell you what it is:

-cheap wine, mixed (not just I drank different wines, but if my glass was low I would just fill it up with whatever wine was around)
- homeless man waiting outside the front door of the house because someone promised him wine
- monk fish
- budweiser
- poor decisions
- a football slammed into my face when I tried to catch it
- a group of boys telling me that i suck at throwing
- lezzies next door telling me to be quiet twice
- spicy tomato soup
- malboro lights
- brownies with annis in them
- "and what do you do for a living?" conversations
- my alarm going off every nine minutes for about an hour

thank you have a good night.
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Blogger The Sugarplum Fairy said...

And filet mignon. there was filet mignon.

3:23 PM  

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