Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Office Hallway

This is a place for traveling from one destination to another. It is also a place for wonderfully awkward conversations. Here are some observations I have had about office hallways:

1. There is that guy that will always throw a little comment in there. Like if you are carrying a single sheet of paper he will say, "You need some help carrying that?" Or if you are reading something he will say "Stop working so hard, you're making the rest of us look bad." This guy likes to wink.

2. There are the hallway runners. I sometimes like to do this later at night. Hallway running is where you walk quickly and swing your arms furiously. More furiously than if you were even just running. This is fun to watch, almost as fun as the overstuffed backpack run. ALMOST.

3. I pretend like I just found a stain on my shirt and try to get it off down the entire hallway. This way I don't make eye contact with people. It's like pretending to talk on your cell phone so people don't hand you flyers on the street, office style.

4. There are people who try to have more than two line conversations in the hallway. Usually you get a "hey" or a "hey whats up?" But that's really all one has time for. These people don't realize this. They want to talk about the weather, a project, their wife, anything as you pass each other. We don't have enough time for all of that. We are both moving in opposite directions, no time. They don't understand.

5. There are people who want to stop you to chat. Don't stop.
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