Monday, October 30, 2006

A Story

I was born in Germany. I am not German, my parents were just living in Europe when I was born. And they took me back to Germany when I was in third grade or so. And if anyone has been to Europe a good party of the trip is visiting castles. And boy oh boy did I visit a lot of castles. One could even say enough castles to last one a life time, all withint a six or seven day span.

So at one of these castles in GERMANY. I decide it would be funny, being the comedian I was going to grow up to be, to scream something. And what did I decide to scream? Oh I don't know something along the lines of, "THE NAZIS ARE COMING! THE NAZIS ARE COMING!" Yeah thats right at a castle in Germany, I, a little American girl, started screaming about Nazis. The horror on my mother's face was indescribable. She pulled me into that little European rental car so quickly. And the grip she had on my arm still gives me memory pains sometimes. I swear to god she split the muscle.

Now, I don't think I really had a firm grasp on what exactly the Nazis were. I knew they were bad. I don't think I knew they originated in Germany, or that they had caused World War II OR that they murdered millions of people. I did know that they were in Indiana Jones The Last Crusafe and they burned books. And that the female Nazi tricked Indiana and his dad. And so that is what I chose to scream at a castle in Germany. Wonderful, right?

I suppose the moral of the story is that my dad should have read more history to me rather than letting me watch Indiana Jones, James Bond, and John Wayne movies. However, I do think that I understood the importance of "haning them high" and what a shaken martini meant before most of my peers. And that's something parents could be proud of.
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