Monday, August 31, 2009

Movie Reviews of Movies that Everyone has Already Scene

Hot Fuzz: Funny! Scary!

It is a very funny farce of buddy cops movies, and I like British accents. Plus also the editting is super fun. But scary! And violent! And gross, like when that thing falls on that guys head and then he takes a few more steps.

Highlight: When it was funny.

Lowlight: I think they made a dig at Will Smith, not cool.

In Bruges: Kind of funny, kind of scary. A lot sad. Guns!

Fun accents! Serious stuff. A kid dies, and then a guy committs suicide, wha?!!?! But it is set in a very pretty town, which is a lot of the premise of the movie.

Highlight: Uh, I guess when they were looking at scenery, and the big guy really liked it.

Lowlight: When the big guy killed himself, but was still kind of alive splattered on the ground.

P.S. Did you notice the subject of the blog, am I cheeky or what!
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