Friday, March 05, 2010

Now that's what I call...

An emotional roller coaster.

Last night I competed in Washington Improv Theater's FIST  tournament. You know the one that I was bragging about winning last year?  Well, I lost last night.  In the first round.

And I was all grumpy and disappointed.

I was blow drying, may hair this morning and when I flipped it over and it was all soft and awesome looking, I thought, "Thanks for throwing me a bone today, Universe. I appreciate it."

Then I found out two really good friends got engaged! TO EACH OTHER!  And I was like, "This is a big helping of perspective. Waaaaay more important things than FIST. Universe, you are so good at teaching lessons."

About an hour ago I got a call from my aunt.

My mom's mom, my grandmother is in the hospital. They think she had a stroke. My aunt found her lying unconscious on the floor this morning.

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